CFP and Norton Ghost

I don’t know what the heck Backup is, but my question is regarding backup programs and Comodo Firewall.
I purchased Norton Ghost 10.0 so I can backup my system to my external hard drive. I have not yet installed Norton ghost 10.0, as I need to know that everything on my computer is working properly before I install and run the backup program. So far, ever since I installed Comodo Firewall, some things are not working as they should, and at times my computer now slows down to a crawl and/or programs stop responding. For instance: Today I could not connect to the internet until I disabled the firewall. With Comodo Firewall disabled or uninstalled, everything works fine, so Comodo firewall is what’s causing my problems.
In any case, my question is: Will Comodo Firewall cause me more problems when I install Norton Ghost 10.0 and run it? And will it interfere with scheduled backups??
PS. I cannot wait forever for an answer.


I just came across this post in the Comodo Backup forum, and split it out here, to the firewall Help forum. Backup is a separate application from Comodo (not like Ghost, it does not do imaging of drives; at least not yet…).