CFP and Network Magic

Does anyone know the settings to get Network Magic 4.8 working with CFP 3.0 ??? I am running 2 ethernet networked computers, both XP PRO SP3, Windows firewalls turned off on both, Linksys router. I have set up Network Magic as a “trusted application”. NM says the files are available to be shared, but when I try, I get a “shared folder not available” dialog box, with “system error: the RCP server is unavailable” on one computer, and, “system error: there are currently no log-on servers available to service the log-on request” on the other computer. When I turn off CFP, everything works fine, so obviously it’s a firewall setting.Network magics FAQ and forums/boards no help at all. Any assistance would be most appreciated !!! Thanks in advance…



There are a few of different reasons why this might happen:

* The most common cause of the problem is Network Magic cannot communicate with the Network Magic software installed on the other computer. This can be caused by security software such as a firewall blocking the communication. Click here for our firewall configuration guide:
  • The computer the shared folder is located on might be powered off or not connected to the network. Make sure the computer is turned on and connected to the network.

  • The shared folder is shared using Microsoft Windows, not Network Magic. Existing Windows shared folders need to be converted to Network Magic shared folders. To do this, on the computer where the folder is shared from, open Network Magic and go to the Shared Folders page. If the folder is shown under the Other Shared Folders heading, it’s shared using Windows. Right-click the folder and select Convert. This converts the shared folder to a Network Magic shared folder and will then be accessible to other computers using Network Magic.

  • There’s a Network Magic version conflict. On each computer, open Network Magic and from the Help menu, click About Network Magic. Make sure all computers are using the same Network Magic software version.

Most often, as I mentioned above, sharing access problems are related to firewall settings. You may also refer to the Knowledgebase article about firewall settings, found here:

(:NRD) Hope this helps!

I’ve been having trouble making Network Magic and Comodo Firewall Pro work. (It used to fine with version 2.)

One suggested step in the link given above is to “Set the trusted range based on your IP address.”

How do I do that in CFP? Thank you.