CFP and network drive/printer

i have a litle home network with 3 computer

1 is acting has a “server”, i have 3 mapped drive, and a map printer on this machne

the 2 other computer are my rig and my g/f rig

i have install CFP same version on all the 3 computers

now each time i reboot i cant acces to the mapped drive i need to activate all and then its ok until next reboot, same goes to the printer

i have set a trusted zone with the ip range set in my router

any other modification need to get this working properly? both rig mine and g/f one do this.

I don’t know if this will help all of your problems, but I found that Spoolsv.exe was missing from the Application monitor and spoolss.dll in the component monitor got my printer working.

I don’t understand why they were missing, my printer was working! (After I installed Comodo) I am sorry, I cannot help with your drives.