CFP - Alerts

Should CFP 3 Alerts if a program listen to a port?
Example WebcamXP opens listen port 8080 not only there is no alert about this it accepts incoming connection without any alert.

Should CFP 3 Alerts ver. change for file that contacts to the Internet?
The firewall could be bypassed if the file is changed when is not running

Should CFP 3 Alerts when a program try to open IE?
every program that I tried opened IE without asking

All above where alerted on Ver. 2

since I am using ver. 2 & 3 FlashGet uses high CPU

I got a bug error report that failed to be send “”

[attachment deleted by admin]

I just received the same messages:

  1. (right after cold boot) cfp found a bug, please send report (reason I wrote: at cold starting PC)
  2. (after clicking OK) “file not sent. please send file”

I did not send “” because:
3) I suspected “crash.dmp” (inside the .zip file) being itself a malicious file; (found " and in C:\ProgramFiles\Comodo\Firewall, which I deemed weirdly strange)
4) and the messages themselves (1) and (2) being a malicious command inserted into CFP from a virus third party;
5) I did not know where to send it through (whether Comodo/Miscellaneous/Submit Suspicious Files ?)

6) I cleaned all cookies and cache in Firefox; all cookies and temp files in IE 6.0
7) I restarted the computer
8) the alert did not show anymore

I would appreciate your guidance. Thank you.

Hi, and welcome,

This may have just been a one off event.Do you now have the green tick next to “System Status”?
If so everything is working ok.You can run the Diagnostics to check by clicking on Miscellaneous/Diagnostics
This will verify your installation.


ps Run a scan with your prefered AV as well as the one built in