CFP 3 uninstall removes extra exes?

When installing CFP v3 i accidentally installed to C:\program files instead of C:\program files\avast. So i uninstalled it and then reinstalled it to the proper location. However, it seems some of the dll and exe files in C:\program files* were also removed. Avast lost some core exes, and alcohol was almost entirely removed. Is the CFP uninstaller this crazy, or do I have other problems?


I would think that one of your problems was the fact that you had EXEs and DLLs in the C:\PROGRAM FILES folder from applications that should have been in their respective container folders (like the AVAST EXEs and DLLs being in C:\PROGRAM FILES\AVAST).

Manufacturers recommend that software be installed into segregated folders for a reason. Possibly for cases like this.

Ewen :slight_smile: