CFP 3 problems ?

Hi guys ! :slight_smile: Ya know what ? Today in our local PC shop I saw Kaspersky Internet Security 7 with 50 % discount :o I thought - why not ? Yes I have COMODO firewall and I’m really happy with it, (L) but why I shoudn’t buy this wonderfully balanced product for such low price ? I mean Kaspersky has a good antivirus and a good firewall (not as good as Comodo’s but a decent one). At least if I won’t like it I can always revert to COMODO and give this as a present or something. :wink:
So I got back home, used Revo and unistalled Comodo Firewall and Memory Firewall. I know it sounds painfull, sorry :smiley:
Installed Kaspersky, configured a bit. And you know what ? My internet problems were gone, my UltraVNC problems were gone too. :o
I have a home network of 3 computers, each in different room. And I always blamed my router for constant internet loss. I mean it’s a pain in a rear end to always babysit a download from FTP or internet. :-\ But now everything is downloading perfectly. 88) And UltraVNC is working great.

So what should I do guys ? (L), but I want to have normal internet connection :’( Need help !!! ;D

Then technically shouldn’t you have posted this in the CFP v3 help board, cough traitor end of cough ? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it is CFP 3 problems, but it seems there were fixed after unistallation. And I really don’t wanna be a traitor >:( And I’m not :a0 I just don’t know what to do.

P.S. Could you please move this to the HELP for V3 section ? :P0l Thanx :smiley:

Hmmm…should I or should I not volunteer my services to a traitor :THNK scratches head with an idiotic sneer

I’m NOT a traitor. :frowning: Now I’m think I made a mistake for buying Kaspersky. But if I got my router changed and figured out that the internet is still not working properly I would be a little bit angry >:(

P.S. Why do I get stars if I want to write G.O.D.D.A.M.N. traitor ? ??? We can’t mention gods name ? :slight_smile:

how about clean install CFP from stratch? Check your logs for any culprits? Run the diagnostics wizard?

The diagnostics tool never (ever) showed there was a problem. And I did noticed a strange thing. A couple of times I reinstalled Windows, just because I made a new, smaller and better vLited disk. When I installed Windows and started downloading my favorite programs (skype and sh…t like that) my internet was working great. CFP and CMF comes last. After installing those, I get internet connection losses. >:( But I didn’t bother to figure this out and thought my router was crappy :slight_smile:

Bad move. I always install CFP first before any internet-related programs. No sense in connecting to the dark side internet without the one tool that protects you from it.

Sigh. Time to put on my legendary search maestro suit:

No. It’s not a bad move. Cos, I know I won’t get hacked while downloading from file hippo. And when you install CFP last, you don’t have to fight with popups, constantly select install mode and keep pressing cancel in the reminder window. And the train mode is not an option, cos it’s almost the same as to have D+ turned off.

I have enough experience with CFP. My app rules were nicely grouped and I havent had any problems. (B)

(Except few fights with updating and the internet loss)

Stick with kaspersky. You have full use of your programs for great protection.

Assuming you didn’t tamper with othe default settings, maybe it’s this one? I disabled mine. Sorry but that’s remaining idea I have left.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks. I know - Kaspersky is a good choice, but COMODO is a great choice too. And I have feelings for COMODO :’( It saved my a.s lots of times and maybe most of the times I didn’t even knew it :smiley: (S)

Yes. I remember this suggestion of yours to Ganda. :smiley: Tried that. Didn’t worked :-\ But thank you for your help.
I’ll try installing CFP 3 to another PC and see how it works. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


I guess I found another clue after: in one of the links, you were in there and Egmen added the issue to his investigation list. The release history didn’t specifically included VNC issues, so we can assume it’s still an issue ???

Yeah. :slight_smile: I hope COMODO will fix this. I love COMODO firewall and the future potencial of it. I can deal with small bugs, but now I remembered how good it is to download something and go get a beer :Beer (sorry Ragwing - wrong thread - I know :smiley: ) and not checking your PC each 5 minutes to see if it still downloading and feeling angry if the website doesn’t support the resume fuction :slight_smile:

Are/were any of the options in Attack Detection Settings->Miscellaneous checked?

No. Everything was set to the default settings :slight_smile:

Confirmed. (:SAD) I tried installing CFP 3 on my moms laptop, which is connected to my home network. Previously on this laptop there was only AVG installed. The net was working flawlessly. After CFP 3 - connection losses. (:SAD) (CFP 3 was set to it’s defaults)

The bug report thread collects a lot of problem reports and attempted workarounds by users who have had this problem. One simple workaround that was successful for some was to go to fixed IP addresses for the LAN computers. No known fix, and many seem to have simply given up and gone to another firewall, but worth a try.