CFP 3 PDF User Guide Issues & Feedback

Having examined the Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 User Guide PDF [Comodo_Firewall_Pro_3.0_User_Guide.pdf], I have some feedback to offer. I am a technical writer and editor and want to congratulate Comodo for your provision of documentation of very good quality. There remains room for improvement, however, so I hope your editorial staff will be open to suggestions.

–Apparently the User Guide has no version number / revision number or date: I cannot locate this data either inside the document or in the document’s file name. These seem like strange omissions.
How are you able to track revision of documents internally when the documents themselves do not specify revision history? The lack of a version number makes life more difficult for users as well. If you posted a version number in the link to the PDF file, users would be able to tell when an updated version of the Guide was available. A revision history section within the guide would alert users to which sections were new or updated.

–System Requirements (page 25) are not outlined until AFTER the Installation process (page 9) is described. Users need to know what the system requirements are in advance of installation, not after.

–The need to uninstall other firewall programs (page 9) is not mentioned until AFTER the user is told to “double click on the setup file to start the [Comodo] installation wizard”. Surely this task should already have been done before starting the installer, so the documentation should discuss the matter before telling the user to start the installer. [I am glad that the installer begins with this reminder, however, as a last-minute warning.]

–The documentation (page 9) states that “you must uninstall any third party Firewall programs installed in your PC”, but it says nothing about what needs to be done with firewalls integrated into the operating system. Inexperienced users will not know if such an OS utility must be “uninstalled” or merely “deactivated” and also may not know how to go about doing it. Why wouldn’t your documentation describe explicitly (step-by-step) just how you want XP or Vista to be configured before the installation of your firewall application?

It is obvious that Comodo has technical writers (and good ones, too), but it appears that your organization has no editors (as these are the kinds of issues which an editor should have flagged before publication).

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