CFP 3 not compatible with Mcafee Virusscan Enterprise 8.0?

Hi all,
I am testing CFP 3 on a virtual machine with WinXP-SP2.
CPF crashed at the end of Virusscan Enterprise 8.0 install process.
Plus, after a roboot, any attempt to use them together makes XP at last freeze.

It seems that CFP 3 and Virusscan Enterprise 8 are totally incompatible.


I believe virusscan enterprise has some built in firewall features (at least the version I used to use at work did). Perhaps if these firewall features are disabled in visusscan settings then things might work better.


Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately I have not installed the Mcafee firewall available with standard installation.
Anyway, there is a feature inside Mcafee engine to block some ports…
It seems that it is not possible stop this feature because it is “inside” the engine.
May be it is possible bypass it deleting the port configured to be stopped.
I’ll do some tests (having the time to do this…).