CFP 3 for Win 2K?

Hi Melih.

I generally wouldn’t bother the CEO of a company personally, but I know that CFP 3 is your baby, and I also know you’ve been on the forum all morning, so here goes:

I’m very happy for all the people who have made the upgrade to CFP 3 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for me I’m stuck with Win2K and probably will be for some time :frowning:

In this thread:;msg101439#msg101439

you indicate that CFP 3 will support Win2K. But I see that version 3.0 does not yet support it. Do you still plan on adding Win2K support, and if so, can you guess when?
And also will the final release of CAVS eventually support Win2K?

(I am currently using CFP 2.4 and BOClean.)

Thank you if you can reply, and thanks especially for all of your efforts. (:CLP)


Sorry for the confusion, I should have been much clearer.
v3 will hopefully support win2003 servers… but not win2k.
CPF v2.4 is doing a good job of protecting win2k.

Thank you


then how about cavs 3?

Please have a look at this :;msg106937#msg106937;msg106153#msg106153

Well, that wasn’t the answer I was hoping to hear :frowning: , but I can be satisfied with CFP 2.4 and BOClean.
Thanks for the personal reply though.

The question still remains about CAVS 3 Final and Win2K…
Will the final working CAVS 3 support Win2K?

Thanks again.