CFP 3 does not memorise or ignores trusted application (AVG8 components)


I have just upgraded to CFP 3 (32bit) from CFP 2. There is an odd problem with free antivirus AVG8 - the firewall ignores my request to make some modules trusted or any custom rules related to the modules. For example, a module which updates the antivirus (avgupd.exe) requests connection access:

Comodo Firewall Alert
avgupd.exe is trying to connect to the internet <…>

If permission is given and ‘remember my answer’ box is ticket, the dialog appears again and again. I have tried to make the parent process and avgupd process ‘trusted’ but it does not help.

As AVG9 does not have this problem with Zonealarm I think it is a Comodo bug and a fix would be appreciated.

Its not a bug. There are several different modules of AVG for Comodo to learn. There are post to help you with AVG. Also read the sticky notes under important topics. Try putting D+ in training mode. There is nothing wrong with Comodo. I have Avira Premium and there are around 10 different entires of Avira in D+. Comodo 2.4 and Zone Alarm are completely different firewalls and cannot be compared.

Hei, I have the exact same problem. I have more then 80 entries of avgupd.exe ( and keeps rising, using train mode), moste of them added automatoicly in train mode. I also added this executable manualy, but whenever I Swich to Train with Safe Mode, or Cutom Policy Mode, it keeps asking me if to alow or nor that executable, the update module of the antivirus. It never learns. I definetly thing it’s a bug.

I also have and issue in main view of the firewall, summary page. System status: “The Defence+ is not functioning properly! Please run the diagnorstics to fix problem.” But when I run diagnostics it says: “The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with youre instalation.”

some infos: I have the free version COMODO Firewall Professional version, running on Windows XP Pro with most of service packs up to date, on a Intel Pentium 4 Centriono Duo laptop.

ok, still, me. I upgraded between the small version diferences to last, now is version, with a clean install, and sure enaugh I had to let COMODO only once trust the antivirus updater. Now seems to work.

The second issue still remains at summary page still says is not function properly, with no problems found by the diacnostic utility.

Recomandation: Make a small reminder before UNINSTALLING to SAVE the configuration settings. I gues that this also saves the firewall and defense+ policyes. It’s not realy nice to relearn all the software I use just for a small version change.

You don’t need to relearn. Go to Miscellaneous/Manage My Configuration and export your settings. Then import them when you reinstall, Also there is no bug with Comodo and AVG. You need to make the AVG updater an updater in D+. Your problems seem to be lack of knowledge with Comodo and not a Comodo problem. Read the help file under miscellaneous. You will learn alot.

P.S. Before you make a post use spell check so its easier to understand what your saying.

There are most definitely bugs in v3, and I recommend checking your own grammar so we can understand what you’RE saying. MAXie’s original suggestion – a reminder to save (export) settings upon uninstall is a simple, very helpful idea. Especially since completely uninstalling obsolete, buggy versions of v3 seems to be a common recommendation.

I’ve been repeatedly amazed by some of the responses to users from comodo’s heros, experts, enthusiasts or whatever. Their favorite way to deal with an overly complex and buggy v3 has been to circle the wagons around a case-study for poor software releases and blame the users for the last 6-8 months. It makes no sense for a security firm to blame users for Comodo’s failures. This is completely the wrong attitude, IMHO. It is insulting and does not inspire confidence. Legitimate criticism and suggestions should be valued. People that have suffered through v3 pains yet remain somehow loyal to a promising product should receive some respect – and a break or 2 if they’re not native english speaker/writers.

In fact, v3 remains buggy & unusable on some systems. Here’s the so-far-ignored proof:

I’ll attach my D+ bugs-in-a-single-screen-shot again. V3 has confirmed “learning” bugs (CFP Denying them doesn’t help anyone, and least of all Comodo’s reputation.

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I have uninstalled hundreds of programs that do not give you a warning about backing up.