CFP 3 Defense+ keeps shooting popups even if Application is Trusted

On my Win XP Pro SP2 system I have CFP 30.14.276. A lot of times the D+ keeps shooting pop ups even when the application that irks it, is already a trusted application. See the screenshot.

Is there a way to fix it ?



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Hi Netman

It look like from your screenshot that you have multiple instances recorded in your computer security policy of the application in question. Please delete all instances of this app (looks like Foxit Reader) in both your security policy and your application rules. Click apply until all the boxes are closed and then restart your application. Your first popups you get read them carefully and select what permission you wish the application to have. Most of the time it will automatically choose custom policy which should be ok unless it is an updater or installer and check remember. My applications in Defense+ are almost all custom policy except explorer.exe, windows apps, or updaters for my AV etc. I have nothing set to trusted, as that gives unlimited freedom to that application then to do anything it wants to.

Hope this helps you, let us know if we can help more.


Hi John:

Yes, the application in question is FoxIt PDF reader.

I have already tried what you suggested, what happens is every single time that I open a pdf document I get several pop ups from D+, I answer yes and ask it to be remembered, but when I open another pdf document, the same pop ups come up again; that is what led me to declare it a trusted application, but even doing so does not stop the pop ups.

What you are seeing in my screenshot is that FoxIt is a trusted application, subsequent to that when I open a pdf document I get pop ups which I have to respond to and every time I do so a custom entry gets added to the D+ rules and it goes on and on.


This may be an 8.3 issue.

From the release notes from version

Eliminated 8.3 path conversion and its associated duplicate entries/not remembering my answer problems (e.g. for BOClean or AVG)




Maybe you will consider to try this approach:
Set Foxit Reader as “outgoing only”.
Go to miscellaneous->settings->parental control->set password and place tick “supress the firewall alerts…”.

Although, this won’t solve your problem anyway, but maybe you will get rid of annoying alerts.