CFP 3 conflict causing crashes at startup?

I’m at a loss about a startup conflict problem that may involve CFP 3 (last updated today).

I usually turn my home computer on and walk away, but a few weeks back I noticed that during startup, after it got to the windows xp desktop, it crashed and restarted one or two times before finally completing. The DOS error screen flashes too quickly to read, but I did notice a “BIOS” in there and a long address. At first, I thought the problem was an anti-spyware conflict, such as with the latest Spybot free resident (Teatimer), then I thought it was Cobian backup’s running in service mode (vs. application mode), but changing them has not stopped the problem. Posting this issue elsewhere, along with a list of startup programs, has elicited some replies that claim CFP 3 (free) is likely the problem, so try uninstalling that. Tonight I tried that by eliminating its being loaded at startup and turning on Windows Firewall instead. After several shut downs/restarts, so far there haven’t been any crashes. Not 100% proof, but enough to ask: could CFP be the culprit? Here are the apps, all current, I now have loading at startup (almost all in Notification tray):

AVG free
SuperAntiSpyware Pro
Mailwasher free
Ad Muncher
Bookmark Buddy
Comodo BOC Clean
Cobain backup (interface only, no service)
Realtek audio manager
MSI PC Alert
Erunt registry backup (runs at startup)

AMD 64
Win XP/SP3

Hi romath,something you could try which may work or may not is to add each application in turn to the exceptions list for Comodo Firewall Pro “Interprocess memory access”.This will be a long winded exercise but it might work.
Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/Highlight the entry for Comodo Firewall Pro and choose “Edit”/Now click on “Protection Settings” then “Modify” next to “Interprocess memory access”/Now Add and browse to each of the applications where you highlight them and move them accross with the right arrow so you end up with something like C:\Program Files\WinPatrol*----> etc.
It may be something to do with Comodo protecting itself/reg keys so start of with the apps which may try to access it at start up,like maybe Erunt trying to save a copy of the registry.
:-La Have you tried not running Erunt at start up or made it a “Trusted” application,same with the others in D+

Anything showing in the Defence+/View Defence+ events log?


I’m going to kill Erunt at startup for now and will work through your idea about the others later. In answer to your last question, with one crash cycle this morning, the D+/events log seemingly at that time shows SuperAntiSpyware at 8:03:03 and then BOC at 8:04:02 and 8:04:11. All three are Access Memory and the first two are cmdagent.exe and the last is cfp.exe. Does that tell you anything? If those occurred during start-up, the time difference between the first two suggests maybe something with SAS (?). Thanks.

After the additions, Active Yes or No on Interprocess memory access?

Allways keep the “Interprocess memory access” for “Protection settings” set to Yes,this is what stops any old application having the ability to shut down Cfp V3.
With respect to the apps accessing the memory(SAS and BOClean) if you add them to the exceptions list it will allow that to interact with D+ thus hopefully stoping any conflict/logging.


Your suggestion of creating exemptions hasn’t solved the problem. Given that the crash/restart doesn’t occur each time, for now the best line of attack seems to be eliminating items one by one until some startup consistency develops. Thanks.