CFP 3 and AVG 7.5 Free

I have noticed that CFP configured with a Firewall Security Level of Train with Safe Mode and a Defense+ Security Level of Clean PC Mode causes AVG 7.5.516 Free to hang at scanning self-extracting executables and installers while performing a scheduled full scan of my system (Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3, build 3264 the so-called public beta 2). Lowering both security levels to Training Mode solved the problem. I haven’t tested which of the 2 security levels caused the problem, but my guess is that the Defense+ with a security level of Clean PC Mode is the culprit.

I know it’s unusual to reply to your own post, but I found the solution to this problem. Adding the AVG files manually to My Own Safe Files in Defense+ solved the problem. So my advise for people who experience this problem : add the AVG-files and processes to My Own Safe Files in Defense+ manually.

I have been running ZoneAlarm and AVG 7.5 for some time now. Today I decided to uninstall ZoneAlarm and install COMODO which I’ve been also using on a Win2k system. I like COMODO’s configurability. However, after installing COMODO on my main computer running XP Pro-SP2 (gosh, I didn’t even know SP3 was available yet), windows reboots after the “restoring personal settings” screen. I found the hangup is avgtdi.sys. How can set COMODO as described …

… when I can’t boot my computer and run COMODO at all? Can I configure COMODO in Safe Mode? I was able to boot in Safe Mode. I’d like some suggestions or ideas before I try this again. I spent 6-7 hours fiddling around trying different options today already and didn’t get anything else done. Such a waste of time!!!

There is an extensive clean up procedure of Zone Alarm. It leaves alot of files behind even after uninstalling. As far as AVG just add all programs of AVG to your trusted list in firewall and D+. I just did a fresh install of Comodo and I manually add all my programs. Takes time but it works like a charm.

The first time I uninstalled ZoneAlarm I removed all references to it from the registry. I’m pretty sure it was completely gone although I probably removed more than I needed to. Later I found instructions on the ZoneAlarm site for manually removing it from your system. Next time I’ll follow these instructions. Afterwards I’ll install Comodo again. If I have the same problem with AVG as I did before and the system reboots before fully loading, I’ll boot Windows in safe mode and try configuring Comodo that way. Hopefully that will work for me. I’ll give it a try some time next week when I have the time.

Delete all entires of AVG in firewall and D+. Then put the firewall and D+ in training mode and reboot. Let it stay in training mode till AVG is learned. There is more then once process it uese.