CFP 3.14 is blocking Mozilla Thunderbird OUTGOING MESSAGES

Hi guys,

Well I CAN receive email messages easily, But I get the error when I send them! I know my settings are correct, Because once I completely uninstall ed CFP 3, I could send messages again with no problems.

Is this one of those Kasperksy/NOD32 type of problems that CFP 3 is having conflict issues with? I reall need Mozilla Back.

I am running Windows XP SP2, and I only have CFP 3, and CMF 2 installed along with Spybot+SUPERAntispyware as on demand backups.


You have TB as an “email client” with a block and log at the end (rules attached)?-does your log show anything being blocked? Do you have an antivirus? Is your email encrypted? Are you using the current COmodo port set for email, including whatever you use with SMTP?

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I didnt actually look at the logs. No I don’t have an AV, no my Email is not encrypted (I feel bad lol), I don’t know if I am using the current port set for email, I do know my Server Settings and STMP though.

All I know is, Once CFP 3 is uninstalled, it works. Is there anything you want me to do?

Sorry I am not good with settings and stuff!

Thanks for your help…


Here are some screenshots to help!


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OK, you are using Avast! antivirus. Right click the blue Avast! ball, go to On Access Protection Control/Internet Mail/customize and under the smtp tab make sure the “scan outgoing mail” is not checked.
Do you have any global rules?


I did have Avast! before, But I uninstalled it a week or so ago, So I can’t change any settings there…

I don’t have any Global Rules, No. Only settings I have changed is Defense+ to Train with Safemode.

Maybe its something I have done wrong? But I am sure it isn’t! I am trying to find out… But I just cant see a solution. :frowning:


Your avast is still in your Policies, so thought it might be installed still. You don’t have anything being blocked by Comodo, but might be worth starting from scratch with an uninstall and reinstall of Comodo to get all the extraneous stuff out of the Policies. The first few lines of your application rules look like they came from a global ruleset, since they are not associated with any application, and there are rules still for all the Avast! components. So: Try unistalling Comodo from safe mode, then go to standard mode and reinstall (latest build) and just answer the prompts for Thunderbird and see what we get there for sending and receiving mail. May be that the ruleset got corrupted somewhere along the way.

I will do it right now!

Thanks :slight_smile:


OK I did it.

and this time… Even when I uninstalled CFP, Mozilla still didn’t work! So its my settings in Mozilla I think… But before it was different (Before I reformatted a few weeks ago).

Do you have any recommendations?


Are you using public wifi? Some have port 25 blocked and will not let you send email for a different domain than the public wifi is set on-they force you to use webmail to cut down spam. Workaround for that is to get a gmail account and use the gmail smtp server on port 587.
Otherwise check your TB settings for the SMTP server for correct authentication username/password, server name & settings for your ISP, etc.