***CFP 3.0x/CIS 3.5x ISSUES***

Hi Guys,

Here are threads for people having problems with CIS 3.5, CFP 3.0 updates, etc.

Here are the relevant threads with information on these main issues for COMODO Firewall Pro 3 & COMODO Internet Security 3.5 (Which includes the Firewall).

#1 [i][b]How can i migrate from CFP 3.0.x to CIS 3.5.x?

#2 Can I do A Automatic Update from CFP 3.0.x to CIS 3.5.x?

#3 CFP 3.0 Update/Installation Problems

#4 Comodo Internet Security 3.5x is not recognized by Windows Security Center

#5 cmdagent uses 100% CPU - Resolved with CIS build .432

#6 Error since update (3.5?) - Error loading CFP.DLL

#7 Comodo Firewall Window opens on boot-up[/b][/i]

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