CFP 3.0 Update/Installation Problems [Merged Threads]

I tried 3 times.
To update Comodo Firewall Pro to current version.

All is normal during update.
But when the computer reboot after the update.
Blue screen after sreen blue welcome.

I reinstall and all is OK.
I don’t understand. (:AGY)

I think you need to uninstall 3.0.25, then download CIS off the Comodo site. Make sure to export settings first.

For more info.

I tried to download new updates. I received error message 118 : unable to connect to connect to comodo firewall helper service. what’s this?

Thanks for reply. (:WAV)

I do try later. is perfect for me.
No bug.

Try again after 10 mins after booting your PC. It worked for a few friends of myn. :slight_smile:


Apparently Comodo has been working overtime. I just updated to 3.5 minutes ago using CFP update on the miscellaneous page without a hitch. .

Hi everyone. I just registered to give feedback about the latest 3.5 update.

I’m running Vista x64 Business SP1 w/ UAC enabled.
Comodo Firewall has D+ disabled, firewall is set to Safe Mode.

Just about 30 Minutes ago Comodo notified me about an update. I believe I was running the version from 30th May.

I let Comodo download the update, but after everything was downloaded I got an error: “Error 112: Unable to copy file: cfp.theme”. Meh. I checked the forum (apparently that error is not too uncommon), disabled UAC, disabled the firewall, restartet. I let Comodo update again, apparently successful. GUI was not themed, though.
I enabled the firewall, enabled UAC, restarted, everything seems fine so far.
I suppose if it had not been the theme but an executable or whatever, I might have been ■■■■■■■. I can only guess, though. At least it didn’t take down my system entirely as it did when I went from 2.4 → 3.0. 88)

Oh and the help file is outdated. >:(
Firewall Behavior Settings → Alert Settings: “This computer is an internet connection gateway”.
What does this setting do? Why is it enabled by default? I do not have ICS enabled. Moreover, I have only one network connection so ICS cannot even be available.

Today CF notified me there was an update available, so I downloaded it. I left, came back and nothing had happened. So I downloaded the update thru the Misc-menu. Every time I get an error 112 : cannot copy CFP.EXE, please try again. So I did. I downloaded the update 4 times, last 2 times logged on as admin. Same problem every time. My Program Files…Comodo/Firewall dir is now ful of some 7 versions of cfp.exe, named exe1, exe2, etc.

So I gave up and tried to find a solution on this forum. While I am doing that the CF icon on the systray disappears. I check thru Win Security Center if firewall is still running, and it is. But no way I can bring it into view. So I try to launch it from the Windows Program List. Get an error message that cfp.exe has been moved and shortcut is no longer valid.
So I search for it, find it (called cfp.exe1), copy and rename it to cfp.exe, run it and try to export the settings, planning on downloading the file thru my browser and export/import settings. Icon is back in systray, choose Misc and Manage settings, Export. Get another error message that I don’t have enough rights. So I repeat this as Admin. Same error message.

I’ve spent two hours on this, I started working with PC’s when CP/M was fighting MS-DOS, I have installed zillions of software on trillions of computers, I think I know a bit about it, and I just want to get this off my chest: this update proces is so badly designed and implemented, it brings back old memories of late DOS, OS/2 and early NT.

I’ll check back in a month or so to see if this thing is stable yet. For now, I’m sticking with

And yes, I am running Vista and yes the Export problem is a known bug for Vista users (search on export configuracion).


My issues began with the auto-update for CFP v3.

I saw a popup for a new update. Ok, so I thought I would trust that and go with it. The download took forever, so I let it do its thing over night.

When I checked it in the morning, I noticed my Comodo icon was not in systray anymore. I checked Security in control panel, says it is still running. Alright, so I restarted and it was back in the systray again. I checked the version, but to my dismay, my GUI seemed a little goofed. White boxes around all copy. From that point I check to see if there is an update. Lo and behold, there is another one available. I give it permission to download, but I get some kind of error message. Sorry, forget what the error said.

Anyway, the auto update for CFP broke my firewall. It took a system restore to fix the GUI issues.

I will try to download the CIS version and see if I have better luck. If not, I guess I will wait a bit for another update before I try again.

System Specs:

Vista Ultimate x64 SP1
Comodo Firewall Pro
Eset Nod 32 Anti Virus
UAC enabled

I’ve updated seems successfully EXCEPT the theme is all messed up … I checked the updater and it says ERROR:112 Unable to copy file: cpf.theme. Please try again.

I came back from holiday, yesterday i got a message on my taskbar about the update but ignored it, today i installed it actually, then got a message the system needs to be restarted, i agreed, and after the restart, the windows xp had fgrozen each time after loggin in to my profile… basically i could not click on anything with the mouse, the system acted as if its loading something, and the mouse - either clicking on sth, or right clicking, just didnt work… and nothing happened… i could not click on the icons, i could not even click on “start”, it looked like its loading sth, but basically got frozen

i tried a few times and it was always like that, so I loaded the system in safe mode and then made a system, restore to yesterday (and it actually worked)

so right now, i am not installing this update, but i wonder if theres a time limit when the update will be forced on me…? or will anythign be worked on it more?

i am hesistant to try to install it again after my problems just 30 mins ago, so i guess another solution is just uninstalling the current version completely with Revo Uninstaller and installing the new one from scratch ?

Hello Blackjaw,

This could be UAC related you can disable the “check for updates” or do a clean install of CIS.
I’m going to write a migration tutorial for moving you 3.0.x configuration to 3.5.x but that will take some technical skills.

I have a Vista Home Premium 32 and using Comodo V3 for a long time without problems. I recommended it to friends and now I feel bad.
Yesterday I received a reminder from Comodo that an update was available. I just clicked on Update and it updated. No problems then or now.
But a friend just called me that after receiving the update message, he did the same thing I did but the update did not complete, the firewall is disabled, no protection, and he cannot even uninstall from Windows normal uninstall.
It seems that it is missing some dll that it is required to uninstall.
What alternative people with similar problems may use to get the firewall enabled again?
This update release was obviously not ready for customers and with all the problems reported on this forum, support needs to take action to correct it.

Have you got UAC disabled, and your friend has it enabled?

Both enabled

Thanks I was wondering if it was a UAC problem as so many Vista users are having update problems as you both have UAC enabled it cannot be that.
Thank you again for posting.
EDIT Has he tried downloading the file from Comodo and running it he then should be offer the chance to uninstall

You read my mind… I suggested for him to do that and hopefully it will get re-installed without complications. I should know soon. Thanks.

I have follow you.
I Update again by miscellaneous page.
Again the same thing.
Blue screen.

But always (L) firewall.

I was trying to update Comodo, but I keep getting Error 112: Unable to copy file: cfp.theme. Please try again.
I’m running version 3.5.54375.427 on Windows Vista 64-Bit. Theme of Comodo is messed up and Vista keeps saying that Firewall isn’t online! Need help! ;[

I have the same problem :S
Running vista 64-bit too.