CFP 3.0 to CFP 3.5 autoupdate does not work (still)

Hi all,

Just a comment on this

Can i allow the update from CFP 3.0.x to CIS 3.5.x ?

If your CFP 3.0.x prompts you for updating the software there should not be any problems going from 3.0.x to CIS 3.5.x but you’ll only get the Firewall/Defense+ NOT the Anti-virus this way.

Well, got three machines and all do the following:

New update available… (the auto one that is)
Click YES… updating…
All looks ok after reboot… BUT
Next day …
Update available… (same update…) plus the dreaded dual startup lines of two CPFs in registry…(pops the window up)

Cause: The update DOES NOT remove 3.0 version and it DOES NOT PORPERLY install 3.5 in the “new” program name directory… thus … the updater looks for version… finds the “version file” in old directory which does not match the loaded version (which was update and put i old (wrong directory) thus mixed installation (program states 3.5 but version file 3.0)

To end it all and FIX it… ONLY way currently to get a smooth transition is to download CPF 3.5 , unplug “internet”, REMOVE CPF 3.0 with add/remove programs… run installation of CPF 3.5 program, plug in Internet and there you are…

BUT Auto-updating from 3.0 to 3.5 does not work properly… (how about fix ? ) :THNK

This is known. The best way to do this update (from CFP3) is to uninstall CFP3, reboot, then install CIS, the latest version. When installing, if you wish only the firewall, deselect the AV.