CFP 3.0 startup key can be disabled by Ccleaner tool.

Using Ccleaner tool I could disable CFP 3.09.95478 startup key and I think that this is very dangerous because D+ cannot block this potencially malicious activity if a malware will use that same software technology. I made a videoscreenshot to show this issue.

[attachment deleted by admin]

CCleaner is on the white list and apparently has these rights. I checked myself.When putting D+ in Paranoid mode you get the control you want.

Since CCleaner gets handled by the user it is the user’s wish. If another program would try to manipulate/start CCleaner you would get notified. That’s CIS security kicks in.

I’d like to add that preventing either cfp.exe (front-end GUI) or cmdagent.exe (service) from starting would have no real impact on CIS’s integrity, functionality or capabilities. Stopping either of these processes does prevent CIS from alerting the user or receiving new orders. But CIS will continue… allowing what has previously been authorised whilst denying & logging anything that is new. So, perhaps, the preventing of these processes at start up is not as dangerous as it first appears, considering the actual impact.