CFP 3.0 Lots of Pending Files

CFP in Clean PC Mode on Windows XP SP3:

I have a ton of pending files, but I don’t think they need to be sent in for analysis. Just about all of them are from Microsoft and are in these directories:







What’s the best way of handling them? (I’ve already run a Purge).


Purge and remove. Then simply put D+ in safe mode so you no long have to deal with pending files.

After purging, at times the Lookup will flag some of them as Safe. So do that before removing. I always:

  1. Purge
  2. Lookup
  3. Remove

Does purging remove the files?

Only from that list, and only files that have already been removed from your computer

I installed sp3 in training mode and now the gui keeps freezing. it’ll unfreeze for a second or two and the pending files number will go up and freeze again. i wonder how long this will last :o

Can you explain more? I don’t use clean pc mode so I don’t have pending files. SP3 installed perfect on both my pc’s.

When installing software that you know, I recommend Installation Mode. Then you can deal with Pending Files after switching back to the previous mode.