CFP 3.0 - CAV and BOCLEAN issues

I have installed CFP 3.0 and am running Comodo Anti-Virus as well as BOClean 425. CFP 3.0 will not recognize CAV as a trusted application even though I have specified this in the warning pop-up. I continually get warning messages when trying to update CAV. Is there a setting that can be checked to fix this? I am getting the same volume of pop-ups for BOClean too. IS there a fix for this?

You will have to give those two programs some extra permissions. It seems that some of the actions of anti-virus software is like the viruses themselves and Comodo, either by policy or oversight has not allowed the “Allow” pop-ups to give those permission. To make it right you will also have to use the “Exclude” list in BOC and (I don’t have CAVS installed) the Safe list in CAVS to prevent them from sniffing CFP processes (they are protected and cause alerts).
For BOC, open the tray icon menu and select Program Excluder. Open the File menu and then open the File Explorer. Drag the CFP files that cause the alerts (See the Defense+>Common Tasks>View Defense+ Alerts event list to see which CFP files need addition to the Excluder) to the Excluder window and then click Done.
For CFP, Click Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy>(locate and select the entry for BOC)>Edit>(Check that “Use a Custom Policy” is checked)>Access Rights. On the Access Rights page, click “Allow” for “Interprocess Memory Accesses”; “Process Terminations”; “Physical Memory” and “Disk” and then click “Apply” and “Apply” on the parent screens.
The same process will have to be done for CAVS, but I am not familiar with the details.