CFP 3.0 and XP x64 questions.

I am considering installing CFP 3.0 on my Win XP Pro x64 system when it gets a little further along in testing and I have some questions.
I have read the 2.4 manual (well done) and hope there is a new manual for 3.0. Does it exist?
I have searched several times for information about the progress of the 3.0 Alpha with few results. I see a comment occasionally in the Help forum that the Alpha is going well but have not seen any posts with any real information. Is there a place to monitor the progress of the 3.0 Alpha and then Beta?
Thanks much…John

Welcome to the forum, John. (:WAV)

Considering that CFP 3 is still in alpha stage development, of course there wouldn’t be any manuals constructed yet. Even moderators are having to learn a lot of the new features. I’m sure once the version is completed there will be a manual. In the meanwhile, take a look at this thread on how to use CFP 3:

The beta corner is where the updates are posted by the admins, whereas this thread is one that mods update to reflect that:

Thanks much, Soya.
I did not think to look at the Beta Corner…John

I have discovered two things:
I cannot even see the Beta Corner unless I am logged in, thus why I did not find it before.
There is currently NO 3.0 support for my XP x64 OS.
The second point scares me because I have a couple of instances in which companies have promised me x64 drivers or SW and not delivered. One was promised over a year ago. I really hope that a 3.0 CFP supporting x64 will be available soon. I do see several posters interested in the Beta Corner.
Thanks for your response…John

The administrators intentionally hid the Beta Corner from unregistered forum members. I commonly see this on other forums, so this isn’t unusual.

I don’t know about other companies, but so far with Comodo, they deliver on user requests and comments (even mine, despite me being a mere volunteer). And if Melih states:

, that’s an indication that the devs are working on it. Remember that it’s only alpha (the beginning) of CFP development. Time-wise, only they know.