CFP won't load on XP x64 startup

Hi all

I’m new to CFP. I just installed the 64 bit version on my XP Pro x64 SP2 machine.
CFP runs perfectly as a 64 bit app but won’t load on startup although the option is selected in Miscellaneous, Settings.

I read the FAQs and Searched the Forum before posting this. If it was previously answered please point me to the thread. Thanks!

Sometimes it takes awhile for the icon to laod in the systray. Does it not load at all? Is cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe running? What other security are you running?

I had to uninstall it because apparentely it was conflicting with ESRI’s ARCGIS driver. Unfortunately I can’t even remove everything… After uninstalling, the Security Center still reports that Comodo is currently ON.
I am also using Antivir.

The Security Center is a known bug with all software after uninstalling. Happened to me with KAV. You need to rebuild the repository folder. Go to run and type “services.msc”. Find the WMI service(Windows Management Instrumentation). Stop the service. Then go to C:\Windows\System32\wbem and find the repositiry folder then delete it. Reboot and all is well. See here for compete removal Comodo. I actually use Revo Uninstaller in Adavnced mode and it removes all programs Completely. Did you try adding the driver to the trusted list in D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy? Can you tell me more about this software?

I don’t feel confident in deleting system folders. Since XP x64 and server 2003 share some code, maybe the problem is related…

I’ll have to wait until Comodo fixes the x64 / 2003 bugs…

Thanks anyway!

It is completely normal. It will rebuild it self when you reboot. Google your problem and you will see. There is nothing wrong with rebuilding the repository folder.