CFP Crashes Everytime you check popup properties - Now also 3.5.53896

Oik…this is pretty much the better part of 1 year now that this rather simple “Call Function” bug in 64bit CFP crashes the darn firewall!!
We’ve waited over 5 months to get an update, probably because they’re so busy working on this new CIS suite, and the updated Firewall that comes with it still doesn’t fix this (should be) simple problem. Anyone who wants the background on this can see This Thread, same title

I’ve been with CFP since early V3 Beta days, but this issue has me thinking of moving on to Agnitum Outpost Firewall to see if it will meet my needs. I mean if we can’t get this ■■■■ little bug fixed in less than a year, what else can we expect? C’mon guy’s…this is simply a call for the properties page of the process that is requesting access thru the firewall, and we can’t get this fixed?
Finding out about the parent process that’s making the access request is a VERY important aspect of making the decision on whether to grant the access request or deny it, and that can also notify a user that they need to go looking for a possible problem or not too. So this isn’t just a nice “convenience” to have for many of us…it’s VITALLY IMPORTANT!

Why the HECK can’t we get this bug fixed??? (:AGY)

RESOLVED - 3xist.

This bug is going to be fixed in next CIS update which is due on Tuesday, 28th, October.


Hi Josh

That certainly would be nice to see…

I basically need an Enterprise strength Packet Filter (a basic firewall for the n00bs) to keep me protected, but there certainly are features included in CFP that make this a much easier firewall to do this with, and that call function is one of the main ones for me (and many others).

So…lets see what happens on Wednesday Oct 29th, shall we… (:WIN)


Should be out in 12-18 hours. :slight_smile:



Update has fixed this long standing ■■■■■■ of a Bug…I am Aghast…

Josh, you are a man of your word and that’s something I appreciate immensely. If I could reach thru this computer screen I would shake your hand, and hand you a frosty beverage of your choice. :■■■■ Since that’s impossible to do because of the Laws of Physics we live under on this wet rocky little planet of ours, a hearty “Well Done” will have to do…:wink:

Man…it is nice to be able to use this function again and I formally withdraw my comment about switching to Outpost Firewall to try it out. Sorry bout that…I was just a tad frustrated over the length of time it had taken for this annoying and easily fixed bug to finally get fixed. Let’s just hope that future lil bugs like this don’t have to go on for a year before someone gets to fixin it… (:NRD)


Thank you find the kind words Dave! I will close this one now m8!