CFP and updates [RESOLVED]

HI all!

I have a question about the latest firewall and checking for updates. I use an windows xp machine with BOclean, Verification engine, CMF, AVG Free 8.0, xp 32 bit.

Everything works fine, but when checking for updates (not automatic) the updates screen dissapears and I get a dialog wich is stating that i discovered a bug within the firewall. I want to send an error report and i describe what i did before the bug appeared, ironicly the error report function itself contains a bug because I get an error wich is stating that the error report can not be send, I have to send the error report within a zipfile manually!

Is this familiar with you guys? Is this a known bug?

Okey, have a nice day folks!!!

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Hi all!

i will try to catch some screenshots when the problem occures again, maybe this could clear out the problem i am talking about.

ok, Have a nice day folks!

If it keeps happening then why dont you try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall.

Goodday Vettetech!

Yes that is indeed a great idea to try, only it does not happing that much! I am just wondering why sometimes it occures.

There is also a minor bug: the sentence “there are … files waiting for your review” dissapears for a part sometimes, when moving the mouse over the missing part off the sentence it shows up again completely.

This is not a big deal, though it is a bug.

okey, have a nice day!


I get the same error when trying to update manually - I’ve sent an error report to Comodo.

Does installing a newer version on top of an older one keep the configuation details of the older version or do certain existing configuration files have to be manually backed up and then manually reinserted after the newer version is installed?


Never do an over the top install. Simply go to Miscellaneous/Manage My Configuration and export your settings. Then go ahead and uninstall Comodo.Be sure not to export your settings into the Comodo folder. Export them somewhere else.


Thanks that is good advice. When i encounter more update problems I will do a backup (read in another folder) as you say. And I will do a fresh install.

Okey, wish you a nice day!


I will close this one. PM a Mod if you need it reopened.