CFP is on a diet![RESOLVED]

The update to CFP went perfectly and (after rebooting, of course) is running well.

However, it is my routine practice to keep a full distribution file available at all times, so I downloaded the latest CFP_Setup_3.0.22.349… this morning also. To my surprise, it is much smaller than its last few predecessors, about 7.8 MB instead of somewhere around 20 MB. My guess is that the slimming down has something to do with ThreatCast, but it would be nice to know that a clean install of this latest version would work properly.

You sure you didnt just domwnload the patch pudelin? Ive just domnloaded a fresh copy and it comes in at 17.3MB unpacked.


My bad! Actually, I downloaded the complete distribution file, as I said, but then incorrectly copied the file size…omitted the leading “1” from the number. Oh well! >:( They really need a smiley with a beard for us old guys!

NP, I lock this know, if you need it reopening pm an online mod.