cfp does NOT log anything

new CFP build is out, but this bug still persist… that’s a pity…

Me too… Never see anything in the firewall log (not D+ log). Only if i set"Block all incoming connections- stealth my ports to everyone" - the firewall log start … But you nou what is meaning if you use P2P software, or if you try to host a server for a multiplayer game…

razor, what operating system do you use? please include your language version also.


Windows XP + SP2 and CFP english version

ehm, I mean language version of your OS, not cfp :slight_smile:
you see, there are two of use who noticed this bug, and both of us are using czech windows xp…

So, comodo team, how about this bug?
working without logging is pretty much crampled :frowning:
Has anyone of the devs put his eye on this issue?

I don’t know if they are addressing this bug ATM but I’m sure they’ll not forget about it.
As soon as I have more info I’ll post here

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Windows XP English version and Romanian version. In both version nothing are recorded in log. For example, at one moment i have 60 intrusion attempts, but in logs is nothing…

Try this experiment. Turn CFP off and on to clear the intrustion count. Next time you see intrusions attempts, go to the log normally, then select “more” at the bottom and see if anything shows up there. An intrusion attempt in CFP3 is any inbound connection attempt that is blocked and logged, so they should show up under these conditions. Let us know.

Again, nothing is logged even ai restart the firewall. I not consider this is a major bug but , if i want to take a look later on firewall log, i don’t have what to see.

OK, I did a clean install of that latest build .364 and still no logging is working.
But at least firewall is not hanging when I look into log viewer.
I donot consider it a major bug, but troubles come to life when I try troubleshoot something… :frowning:

Can anyone confirm this? or does anyone have logging working who experienced this problem earlier?

23.364 build still doesn’t correctly log and freezes on XPSP2, SP3 czech version, 32bit, superclean installation, 2 different MoBo’s. Folder named “Data aplikac” doesn’t fully correct this problem. (:AGY)
However, this same version of CFP at the moment seems to be problemless on Vista Czech 32bit. But this attempt was only way-out to locate possible bug. Cause I’m WXP user yet.

Hi all,
I have to confirm Foxx fidnings. It still does not work. It is pity that even we found where is problem and two updates of Comodo were released this stupid bug is still not repaired. :frowning:


Thread with detailed descriptrion of the problem as well as identification of what causing it is here

I have to add, that little annoying bug effectively prevents me on installing comodo on oher comps of family members, really don’t have time to solve many problems without logging enabled… :frowning:

still waiting for fully functional FW… :frowning:

and new version is out again.
And AGAIN, logging does not work in .24.368 (:AGY)

I think many people discussed this bug, jerry even pointed the cause of it, so we’ll still waiting…

Hey Foxx can you verify my theory presented in It’s an addition to Jerry’s partial solution related to datapath. I’m not able to verify it yet but I’m still impatient for any independent opinion. Thanks, Petr.

I’ll give it a try in several days. Thes weekend was REALLY busy :confused:

I was trying to bypass this bug using ntfs junction utility.
I did a link “Data aplikac” pointing to “Data aplikací” folder, but this not seem to help. I was hoping that having theese two folder named pointing to the same content will fool cfp, but unfortunetely not. :frowning:

still no logging available :frowning: Logging works! :slight_smile:

While I was reading firebit’s guide I realised I junctioned wrong directory, I made a link in “my profile” folder while it is necessary to junction “data aplikac” in “all users”
I did it, restarted comodo and it seem to work.
So far no hangs, logging for global network works fine, logging for per application rules is weird, but seem to work (I added a logging to several “allow” rules, eg spywareblaster updater, but they are not added to log when I run update check in this app. However, “allow and log” rule for firefox sometimes adds an entry in log, really weird. Block rules seem to log nice (eg block rule for spywareblaster)

As I don’t use D+ I don’t know if the logging works, but it should. I’ll give it a shot and post here.

This method of fooling CFP is very simple, but don’t play with junctions, when your not familiar with their functions, and most important HOW TO SAFELY REMOVE JUNCTION.
Otherwise you may DAMAGE YOUR SYSTEM!


With my method - first Saturday attempt performed on NTFS partition, today worked on FAT32 only. But the results seemed identical so filesystem makes no odds. Detailed logging for application not been performed yet, will try maybe this week. D+ log today contained rows of CBO attempts and D+ level changes.

OT - muj postup se zda slozity, ale chtel jsem aby byl co nejblbovzdornejsi, atd co jsem psal v priloze.

THX, Petr.