CFP Updater can't read memory

I manually checked for updates to CFP by going through the menus. It reported there were no updates available, so I clicked on Finish. Updater crashes with message about instruction at 0x01219de8 unable to read the memory at location 0x0000000. Same thing happens if I click on Cancel instead of Finish.

309 is the latest update. No need to check for updates when you have the latest one. As far as your crash submit to bug reports with your log file.

The event logs for both Firewall and Defense+ are empty. I’m running Windows XP. Would an administrator please move this thread to Bug Reports. Thanks.

They should not be empty unless you have logging off. Have you clicked more? I have a fresh install of Comodo 309 and update works for me when I click it. Says “no update needed”. (R)

Try to do following:
Defense+ TAB - Advanced - Computer Security Policy - (find COMODO Firewall Pro group) Edit - Protection Settings - Interprocess Memory Access - Modify… - Add - Browse… - Add new item - Paste (without quotation): “C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfpupdat.exe” - (click) “+” - Apply (to all windows)

Note:I assumed your comodo installation is on drive C:, if not change above C to drive where your comodo installation is

Is this solved problem?

I also see the “no updates available” message. It’s when I click on ‘Finish’ or ‘Cancel’ that I get the “can’t read memory” crash. I ran CFP Updater today and found this message in the Defense+ event log:

c:\windows\system32\drwtsn32.exe Access memory c:\program files\comodo\firewall\cmdagent [date/time]

I also tried the change samonela suggested but it made no difference.

I also ran the diagnostic but it detected no problems with the installation.


You can try a complete uninstall and reinstall but frankly I wouldn’t worry about it cause you have the latest version. Latest versions are always posted under announcements.


Do you have related crash dump (see here how to get it).