CFP wont remember Electric Sheep [RESOLVED]

I have recently installed the new beta (2.6.7b6) Electric Sheep screen saver, the last stable version ran fine with CFP but this version keeps getting popups from CFP asking permission to access the screen - and CFP doesn’t seem to remember my answer. So every time the screen saver attempts to run it is blocked, I give permission, it tries to run again and is blocked etc… The only way I can get it to run is by putting D+ into training mode - but as soon as I return to my normal setting (train with safe) the problem returns.
Any ideas?

Update: I’ve now disabled “Computer Monitor” under “Defense+ Settings > Monitor Settings” temporarily until I can get this worked out.

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Anyone else out there running Electric Sheep? If so, are you having the same problems? How can I fix this (other than disabling "Computer Monitor) as I have no more ideas to try! Nothing will allow it to work as it should, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ELECTR~1.SCR > Computer Monitor - is set to allow, as shown in my pic - but it’s NOT being allowed!!!
Any ideas? Anyone?? Please???

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Try firewall in training mode and D+ in training mode. Delete all entires of electric sheep and reboot. Leave Comodo in training mode and let it learn Electric sheep.

Just updated to - problem solved! (:CLP)

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