CFP + defense+ freeze my touchpad mouse (bug?)

I updated to version

When I open firefox a cpf say: (see the screenshot)

and then obviously cpf stop the process and there is no way to close/acept/reject this windows

I had to use a usb mouse for cpf could learn the process …

I think that cpf shuld it knowa bigger list of a safe/important aplications like this one

thank for all, cfp it’s the best firewall that ever try ! I’m very happy

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This is the definition of a rock and a hard place - the firewll alerting you that the touch pad driver is suspect and has been blocked and can youplease click on accept or deny (with the touch pad???). It’s almost funny.

The easiest way out is to leave a USB mouse connected tempoprarily, and when the alert blocks the touch pad, use the mouse to click “Treat As” → Trusted Program and REMEMBER. Reboot and you should be right.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: