Re: Comodo, defense + Clean PC Safe Mode on Vista Ultimate: I’ve been using the product for a couple of weeks now. One problem I noticed, is that it blocks some functions without notifying me. Example, when using Quicken 07 file backup I was presented with a gray Quicken screen and Quicken quit responding. Not suspecting Comodo, I reinstalled Quicken, the backup function worked fine once after the reinstall, then failed again. I then changed Comodo defence +, to Train with Safe Mode. The Quicken function now works fine. I have noticed that some other problems with installed software happened when the software tried to update itself. Again no notice from Comodo. I have OA on a XP machine and it was working just fine.

HIya, there are some little bugs with the latest version. For example I had to turn off Defense+ in order to install the latest Firefox update. We should get a fix release before too long.