CFP is now available through download and via update [CLOSED]

v3.016.295 is available through update!
Is this the one ? what about 3.1 ?

I see the new function added under Defense + !

[NOTE FROM MOD: You can download the latest version at and via update of current version. Please download and ask for help on that version]

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This still has the “The Network Firewall is not functioning properly” error for me. :frowning:

the guys decided to call this as the version number!

they like long numbers i guess :slight_smile:


The download is back up to 25MB. What’s in the over 100% size increase?


I thought it’s 14.3MB for x32 and 24.6MB for x64.

How come the link on offical comodo site has downgraded to
I stopped for a second before letting it upgrade through the program.Everything is running fine so far (:CLP)

It doesn’t take much resources to scan, and I had around 35,000 files done scanning in 7 minutes. :BNC

Initial Observations: Installation worked fine, but second restart with message “Your settings have changed”-presumable to import your existing settings automatically. Ony error found so far is that “block fragmented” was checked by the installer. Ran “Scan my system”-125000+ files with two false positives. No problems with the build as an update.

Yes. You are correct. I downloaded the wrong one.


what’s happening when the integrated AV finds a nasty:
Does it ask the user to decide on an action?
Does it move the file to a secure area?
Does it auto-delete the corrupted file?

Thanks for filling me in…

Alright, I see you guys updated the Comodo Site.

With this update can you get the Firewall only with leak protection?


Sorry had to retart befor i finished my train of thought. im updated to version 3.016.295 now.I put my query in this thread as it dealt with the new update.

If the updates is on automatic how often does it check for new updates?

The last two updates i have done manually as cmf3 didnt let me know of an update( i was on this forum when i noticed the updates were available so i clicked check for updates and it found them then.
Anyone know if cmf3 checks once a day for updates or intermittantly.

You can download the latest version at and via update of current version. Please download and ask for help on that version

Melih ,I have downloaded and on setup selected just the firewall with leak protection. After installation I was getting Defense+ pop ups. When I checked the the proactive defense it was set to Train with Safe Mode. When I move the slide to [Disabled] the Defense+ pop ups stopped. Do I have leak protection now?

Is “Scan My System” function of defense+ free or a test version of a-vsmart?



Just updated and all is well.

Scanned 2 partions 22gb in 20 minutes.WOW .
2 false positives.
Confirming , Block Fragmented is checked by default.?


Infected files are shown in the dialog box, with a check box. you are given a option to remove at end of scan, it appears there’s no quarantine.


what happens if malware is found, is it removable of does that belong to the A-Vsmart warranty? Just a question, no offense, as I personally think it was about time Comodo has a non-free version of this software with extra features and services. Not that the free version is not good enough, but considering the fact that many commercial firewall don’t even match the quality of CFP free, I find it more than normal that Comodo can generate revenues based on it ( or did I miss something, this is new right? :SMLR )

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Next question: Is Comodo Antivirus 3.0 dead?


Melih please answer my question in reply #13.