CFP not alerting, neither D+ nor Firewall alerts

I noticed something about the way the firewall doesn’t respond to some apps. Let’s say you have Mozilla Firefox. You go to program files where the folder is. Let’s say you’re running it for the first time. You run it and it triggers a firewall and a D+ warning. Now you rename the whole folder to Firefox2. Run it again. No popups. FF won’t connect to the internet but it will be able to do whatever without D+ constraining it. Now I move Firefox2 to the desktop. Then back. I run it again. This time it DOES issue the popups.

Bottom line: If a folder containing a known app is renamed the firewall does NOT issue any warning. Firewall blocks it by default and D+ allows it by default. You’ll have to move the folder to somewhere else then back for the firewall to properly detect it. It WILL issue popups for folders already there. It WILL issue popups for newly moved or copied folders. It WILL issue popups for a newly copied AND renamed folder. But it WILL NOT issue any popups for already existing renamed folders with files inside that have already been allowed.