CFP and Flashgot.exe

I have a reoccurring issue with firefox(2.0.011) and CFP3.14.276. Every time I run Firefox Flashgot.exe (2.7.1) is added to the pending review list as modified. I have submitted it. Removed it also added it to my safe files list but no matter what I do it always comes back. It may be a function of how flashgot works?
This is not a serious problem but irritating.
Any one else seen this?

XPproSP2 Fully updated +AVG (AV&AS). CFP is in Train with safe mode and D+ is CleanPC mode

Hello, Vunox.

I have exactly the same thing going on. I think it’s just the way Firefox / FlashGot combination works: every time you run Firefox it extracts flashgot.exe to the user’s profile folder, deleting it upon exit. There is no way I can think of to prevent flashgot.exe from reappearing in My Pending List.

Yep I was coming to a similar conclusion myself. May be a an idea to have a D+ ‘exclude’ option to prevent ‘relistings’?

Problem is, Comodo doesn’t seem to consult any of it’s lists or rules to decide which new/modified files appear in My Pending Files. It’s kind of hard-coded, I believe. So, there is no way to prevent flashgot.exe from reappearing there.