CFP with The Bat! and USB removable drive

Last night my CFP 2.4 informed me of the update to v3.0.13.268 ( XP 32x) and I gave it a try. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall it. I had 2 problems:

  1. When I tried to run my email client, RITLabs’ The Bat! 3.99, cmdagent.exe went to 100% cpu load and stayed there. I rebooted and tried a couple more times and it still happened.

  2. When I rebooted with my removable external USB/eSATA drive removed, CFP reported a “Critical Error” and the diagnostic util failed to repair it. I think that for some reason removing this drive made CFP think it was installed on D:\Program Files instead of C:\Program Files … despite the fact that my removable drive is drive K:\ (and CFP 2.4 never had a problem with it)

My Windows is XP Pro Service Pack 2 and my system is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ dual core with 2GB RAM