CFP bug

Hello all!
Take a look in the picture that I attached and pay attention to the red circles. I think it’s a bug in the log viewer.

system info:
win XP pro- sp2 32 bit

[attachment deleted by admin]

I can verify this. Seeing the same stuff.for blocked ICMP. Explanation anyone?


Are you running any p2p programs? Once you disconnect or shut the software down then the outside world will still try to connect to you. Looks like the outside is trying to see if your software is still connected.


EDIT: I just did a lookup for that IP address and here is where it is coming from.

Evrotur Sat TV

Could this be your ISP pinging you possibly?

Hello Jasper
I didn’t ran P2P application at the time it view those messages…
It is simple ICMP attack…

I dont know Evrotur Sat TV
maybe it is my ISP, but I dont know for sure…
the only problem is the type(8) and code(0), I just thought it is a bug…

No no. Since for ICMP protocol, there is no Source/Destination port. it shows ICMP Type and ICMP Code.

OK, thanks