CFP 273 not uninstalling correctly.

I decided to uninstall version 273 and re-install it with Defense + disabled. All I want is an in/out FW I can see and control. After the un-install and reboot, XP reported that the Windows FW was off, but the Security Center reported that CFP was “on”. I turned Windows FW on, and Security Center reported two firewalls running.

I turned Windows FW off, and Security Center reported CFP was on. I installed CFP v. 273, this time with Defense + off and rebooted. XP now reported CFP was installed and CFP put up the basic configuration window. I selected the network name, clicked Apply and CFP put the config window up again. I filled it in again, this time it did not return. This suggests the FW thinks its “installed twice” somewhere.

Looking at the configuration details, I saw my network listed twice. I deleted one of them and everything looks OK.

Looks like a few bugs there. CFP needs to be a good player and get the system reset cleanly back to Windows FW when it is uninstalled.

Have you reinstalled .273, or upgraded to .276? Try uninstalling in safe mode and install .276.