CFP 2.4.x and Windows Security Centre [resolved]


I have been using CFP for a while now (ver 2.3) and seems pretty stable. However when I come to install 2.4 my Wndows Security Centre says that CPF is not turned on even though CPF says it is active. Haven’t experienced this issue with 2.3. To get round this I either have to go back to 2.3 or make the Security Centre not monitor installed firewall.

Any help would be appreciated to fix this so I know my PC is secure.


Welcome to the forum, Jaime.

Please visit bookmark my signature link FW FAQS:

Windows (Security Centre) Doesn't Recognize Comodo Firewall,211.0.html,545.0.html,1182.0.html,2479.0.html

I personally recommend the last one by running Ewen’s script.

Thanks Soya for the reply. Used Ewen’s script and worked great.

I did do a quick search but it didn’t find anything. I have bookmarked your FAQ though as they are very informative (applied the Dll Injection fix to reduce CPU usage).


Cool 8). Case Closed.