CFP 2.4 doesn't allow me to connect MSN [Resolved]

Since I installed Comodo firewall, MSN will not connect.
I keep getting this error message 80072ee7.
I looked in the application monitor and the msn settings, profile TCP/UDP in and out, are both set to allow.
Can someone tell me what to do ?

Hi Collstoke,
I’m using the MSN protocol via Miranda and it works just fine. Did you check wether there are any components that are being blocked or if there’s a network rule that overrules your application rule?
You are using version 2.4???
To try wether any of the other monitors is the culprit, you could temporarily turn off network and component monitor and see if it works. If it does switch on network monitor. If it works, there’s most like a component that is being blocked. If it doesn’t, we should have a look at your network rules.
Please post back and let me know how it’s going.

Thanks for the reply.
I spent quite a while trying to check things and couldn’t work out what was wrong.
The next day, when I turned on my pc, it was fine.
So I still don’t know the problem, but its working ok now :BNC

If it happens again, PM an online moderator to open this thread.