CFP 2.4.9 Install Problem

When I try to install cfp 2.4.9,the installer says that it is presently on my system,would I like to uninstall?It is NOT on my system!I’ve done numerous searches of my system,& have found NOTHING!The only thing I can figure,there’s a dll or some other file that I don’t know of, that’s preventing me from completing the install.I’d like to try 2.4,but I’m NOT going to re format my system to do so.Any ideas on what my problem might be?

My system:
Win XP,SP2
Amd Athlon 3.2
1ghz ram
Nvidia fx 5500 oc


Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Go to your Program Files folder located in C: drive. Make sure there are no Comodo Folders or Trustix folders. If there are delete them, if you are using other Comodo applications go in the folder and only delete the firewall information if there is any.

Go to Add/Remove all programs, double check to make sure there are no Comodo applications, or if you are using a Comodo application, make sure there is no Comodo Firewall entry.

Go to Start, Run, then type in Regedit. Press Ctrl F, then type in Comodo, delete all of the Comodo application keys it finds, or if you are using any other Comodo applications, only delete the ones that seem like they would belong to the firewall.

Reboot, re-download the file (incase of curroption) and attempt an install.

Hope this helps,

Thanx for the info Justin! I’ve just completed regedit.Found both Comodo & Trustix values in my registry.I’m going to try to reboot & re-install my current copy now.If that doesn’t do the trick,I’ll download a new copy.THANKS AGAIN!!! CHAOS!