[CFP 2] 2 instances of Comodo running at the same time

I’m all for double the protection, but I’m also sure this isn’t normal firewall behavior.

2 instances of Comodo Firewall Pro v2 stay active for some reason. When one user logs off, and another logs on, the previous user’s instance of Comodo stays active, meaning you now have your own instance of CPF.exe running along with the previous user’s instance of CPF.exe.

Anyone know how to correct the problem? Seems like CPF.exe gets stuck trying to exit, but never does fully terminate? And why would I need the previous user’s CPF.exe running if my CPF.exe is running fine?

Thanx guys, either way, I love Comodo and will continue to support the community and its programmers. THANX!

ps, screenshot of ProcExplorer, included to show 2 CPF.exe’s running; the first purple entry of CPF.exe is the previous users…

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