*.cfgx file

hi, i just opened my *.cfgx file with notepad forgetting to untick the always open with this program option. I’ve tried to remove it in default programs in control panel but its stuck on open with notepad, can I somehow get it back to default where the file is unknown? I’m running W7

  1. Download Default Programs Editor (see attached file)

  2. Run the program

  3. Go to “File Type Settings > Delete an extension” (at the bottom)

  4. Select “cfgx” and press “Delete Extension”

  5. Problem (should be) solved :slight_smile:

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why does the proggy want to connect to the net? and why does it say the following (see picture below) when blocked from connecting to the net…

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Lol, I’ve got no idea.
It worked fine on my computer (Windows XP)
This program should be safe, since I first heard about it on Lifehacker.
Try giving it permission, hopefully that works. :slight_smile:


Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 must be installed. This is a [u]required[/u] prerequisite. It is freely available from http://microsoft.com/net for Windows XP and Windows Vista users who don't have it (Windows 7 ships with it, nothing else needed).

I believe the program probably wants to download Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.

I’ve got .net installed, MS just updated it a few days ago. anyway I got it sorted without having to connect the proggy to the net, was a bit of a pain but got there. thanks.