Comodo Family Control

As computer,Tablets,Iphone, and Androids become more and more part of the modern family. Kids are being able to access knowledge in about ten seconds… about 30 years ago that was much diffrent. Well just like the changing times Comodo needs to make CFC to help parents control their kids. Kids have access to just about everything well with CFC the parents are able to control what their kids get to see and do.

Other company that are already apart of this idea
-Kaspersky-(has it build in to some of there software) Kaspersky Safe Kids - Parental Control Software to Protect Children   | Kaspersky
-Norton’s Norton Family Norton Family | Parental Control Software for iPhone, Android, Windows
-Trend Micro’s Online Guardian
-Bitfender’s Parental Control Bitdefender Security Software Solutions for Home Users
-McAfee’s McAfee Family Protection Antivirus, VPN, Identity & Privacy Protection | McAfee

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