CF3 sees router IP instead of IP from connecting PC in same network! (solved)

I’m using CF v3.0.13.268; standard install without defense+
WinXP SP2 up to date; NetSupport version 10.02
I also posted this in help but it seems more appropriate here.

problem: I have a home network on a linksys router. I have 2 pc’s on that network. Sometimes I connect one pc with the other using the program NetSupport for easy maintenance.
In version 2.4 I could for instance say: pc with IP can connect to me, but a pc with IP should be denied access to me (192.168 being my home network). However, whatever IP address the computer on my network who wants to connect to me has, Comodo v3 sees it as, which is the router’s IP (as seen in the active connections window)! That means that if someone breaks into my (wireless) network, he can also access my computers, since Comodo always only reports the router’s address! I think this is a serious security breach.

So, in other words: I want to grant one pc on my home network access to me, and deny the other IP’s in my network access to me, but I can’t since Comodo reports for all of them the router’s IP
(I remember an advice by a developer (?) on this forum that, if you have wifi, to limit your home network to the router’s IP, so that people connecting illegally to your network could not enter your pc. Well, this also doen’t work anymore since everybody gets the router’s IP…! )

After long long testing, this seems to be a Linksys issue…