CF3 sees incorrect IP (bug?)


I just installed CF3. I have a home network, with a LinkSys router and 2 computers. When I connect one PC to the other using romote control software (so both computers on the same LinkSys), CF reports the incoming connection IP to be But this is the router address! The real incoming IP should have been
Since CF, when installing, puts the as trusted network, it means that everybody who succeeds in connecting to my router, can also connect to my two pc’s, as CF seems to think their IP to be
In version 2.4 the advice when using a router was “only include your router in the network zone, if somebody succeeds in connecting to your router, he still can’t get into your pc”. And this indeed worked. Now it seems CF sees any pc connected to my router as having the router’s address… and I can’t block that one.
Is this a bug??
I noticed this because, as a test, I tried to exclude any other pc on the home network by just allowing a connection between my pc with CF and router and I did not succeed. When the 2 pc’s were connected using remote control I saw why: ‘incoming connections’ showed the IP of the router and not the IP of the machine that was actually doing the connection
I’m using winXP SP2 up to date, latest version of CF, and “Netsupport” as remote software

When you connect the PC’s, they go through the router. The incoming IP is from where the data is coming from, and because of the way the router is handling it, it comes from the router when sending the data.
If you are running dynamic IP addresses (automatic configuration) I would try running a static setup. It looks from the assigned IP that it’s automatic.

I have everything set up om my system to share media with my Xbox, and the incoming IP is also marked as It works just fine after the ports are opened, for the firewall, but there was some configuration needed. My PC has a static IP, and the Xbox is dynamic.

Hi, I know they connect via the router, but within the home network the receiving pc should see the IP of the sending PC and not of the router. If it sees the router as sending, how should it distinguish between data actually sent by the router, or any other PC on the network? If I would have 50 pc’s (my router can handle that), they’d all seem to have the same IP.
Moreover, CF 2.4 showed the correct IP, its v. 3 that shows the router!
In other words: I wish to be able to grant IP access, and deny In v2.4 I could do that but in v3 I can’t because Comodo identifies all as
FYI: my IP address is static.