CF3 is working fine here !!!

While I have full respect for those that report bugs and flaws in CF3 - they are doing an important work to help develop the program - I think it’s also about time to have a positive thread to tell that on my machine, CF3 is working flawlessly :slight_smile: I haven’t tested CF3 in any thorough way, true, but it seems to work fine in “everyday” use on my computer.

Installation was a breeze, and I have had absolutely no problems after that. Yes, installing other programs takes a bit more time now than before, with CF3 checking everything, but I for one have chosen to answer all questions also during install. Actually, I have found it to be a very good way of learning more about what is actually going on on my computer.

I have run some firewall leak tests. Because I’m currently behind a hotel router, it is difficult to interpret the results (well, at least for me), but it looks good! The funny thing is that I had to answer yes several times to CF3-questions to allow these tests run at all (and these tests were supposed to trick the firewall and be accepted automatically), which I find assuring.

Thanks for a great program - I feel more safe and in control of my computer now than ever before :slight_smile:

I agree with this thread…

CF3 also working fine here…no problems at all… (L)

Thank you for such a great product… (B)

Me too, Installed it the day it came out and haven’t had a problem with it. Found it irritating while installing / updating programs due to the amount of pop up boxes asking permission but once I saw the treat this as an installation / update check box and used that instead it solved that.

I cannot praise you guys at Comodo high enough. I had been following the discussion posts on the various Beta versions and was a bit dubious about v3 as a few posts had mentioned that it was more complicated than v2.4 and not being very tekkie I was a bit nervous to say the least but decided to take the bull by the horns and install it and it works like a dream. I just followed the installation instructions and haven’t had to bother with it since.

Like I say I am not PC tekkie and just installed the recommended package. I think the guys having problems all want to have a rule for every eventuality when as far as I can see the rules as is are more than adequate for the vast majority of us.

Again thanks to all at Comodo for another great product.

Fine here too :wink:

I still have the one issue–sometimes when opening the Help file CFP “shuts down” (just the interface). Other than that, CFP 3 is working great. My computers have never been cleaner. Now I run third party scanners and all I get is a few cookies to remove (and not many of those). To everyone, this is brand new. As of right now it is the best firewall I have ever seen. And, it will get better. To the Comodo folks, hang in there. You are doing a great job.

I wish I could join in y’alls jubilation but I’ve had some serious problems. In order to help both Comodo and others, I’ve added a few of my computer programs to my sig. It would be great if others did too…

no problems here.
You are doing a great job.

I agree. CFP3 is working great day to day for me as well. I admit I was dubious after reading the beta test forum but I’m glad I got over that. Runs great and the few minor “bugs” I’ve had turned out to be my own mistakes. Awesome job guys.

Thank you,

Thanks guys!

we really appreciate it!