CF is choking utorrent

I followed this by one of the mods:

Welcome to the forum. You have to set up a network rule for apps like uTorrent. Network monitor works like a router, so you have to forward ports in there. First you need to set up uTorrent to NOT use random port and also disable UPnP. Write in your port 48306 and click ok. Close uTorrent. Go to network monitor and right click the top rule and add/add before. Now make a rule like this. Action : Allow Protocol : TCP or UDP Direction : In Source IP : Any Destination IP : Any Source Port : Any Destination Port : A single port : 48306 Click ok. Restart the firewall. Open it again and open uTorrent and it should work. Hope this helps.

Im getting half the speeds than if i choose “allow all”. My port is persistent across all forms of port blocking (router/CF/modem), windows firewall is disabled and removed from interfering with my connection, everything else is set up correctly. Not only that but when its set on “custom” u torrent shows a little icon that says “no incoming connections”, or essentially that the CF is putting the port in stealth mode, which doesnt happen when i set it to allow all.

If this doesnt get resolved im going to have to uninstall comodo.

Welcome to the forum.
It works for me and the others that have followed that guide.
Did you put your network rule on the top of the list?
Have you tried to reboot your computer?
Have you added uTorrent as a trusted app in application monitor? (security/tasks)
Did you use a high port number? Choose one between 40000-65000

i use 49200. Move the rule to the top of the list? well, i just did it and it worked. why did that make any difference?

Like the guide you had follow.
“Go to network monitor and right click the top rule and add/add before.”

Network monitor reads the rules from the top to the bottom. If you want to allow a connection, you must put it ABOVE the default block rule.

Is there any reason to disable uPnP? it seems to work fine with it enabled. is it a security flaw?

UPNP is a major security flaw in Windows. (:AGY) I don’t know utorrent, but I know that much! ;D


UPnP also can cause slow down or other issues for some users, except the security flaws, so I keep it off in uTorrent.