CF Installation Woes :(

I have been trying for three days to install Comodo Firewall, with no success. The program will install with the service enabled in the services console, but none of the monitor components will turn on. The interface is unresponsive when I attempt to turn on the Application Monitor, Component Monitor or the Application Behavior Analysis Monitor. Sometimes, I can enable the Network Monitor, but if I change it, I can’t change it back.

I have uninstalled and cleaned the registry of any trace of previous firewall programs. I have uninstalled, cleaned the registry of previous Comodo install attempts, enabled various services, disabled Device Manager components, etc., as suggested in various posts in this forum. Nothing has worked.

I am not asked to validate (re-licensed) after each new attempt to reinstall the program. This would suggest that the uninstall routine is NOT efficiently removing all traces.

I need some serious help with this, or I will have to go back to ZA… and I really don’t want to do that. (:AGY)

Win XP Pro
(Useless) Windows Security turned OFF


A firewall shouldn’t be this difficult to install, even if it’s free.

Jesus Christ!!! (or diety of your choice) Somebody help me with this beast!!! I don’t know how, but it was working for about 15 minutes. Then, I rebooted, and now none of the monitors are active. What a total piece of ■■■■!

I have the same problem!
Didn’t manage to fix it yet ???
I dont want to go back to zonealarm but its look like I would have to.

I just did a fresh reinstall of CFP 2.4, and very briefly experienced this problem.

I was on my way to uninstall and reinstall with a new installation package, I turned off Registry Protection (Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous) in CFP, and changed the security to Allow All. Something else on my system locked up (svchost.exe, with a stinkin’ Windows update), and I logged out of Windows then back in.

The problem with CFP was gone, and has not returned. I know that’s probably not a solution, but I wanted to mention that event.

Have you filed a ticket with Comodo Support?


You can try to boot in safe mode and use the manuall uninstall,5326.0.html