CF install causes windows to require activation again[RESOLVED]

I just installed the firewall v.3 and as soon as it finished a window opened telling me I had to activate windows. What happened here?


I’m getting the same problem and it was not in the installation, but in the update of comodo.
Windows Vista after the update keeps popping the activation window. But when I go to the system properties windows it says its activated and that the product is genuine. But the countdown yesterday gave me 12 days now only 11.

This is an serious issue, because if true after 11 days I will not be able to use windows. As last resource I will uninstall comodo. But this must be analysed by comodo developers.

Have you guys tried to do a re-boot,there was at least one update which required 2 re-boots.



Sorry by my first reply to this post.
It turns out that the problem was caused by another application I’ve installed and NOT comodo.

Sorry developers for even doubted you guys.:frowning:
Your work is fantastic.


Good to hear,

I`ll lock this thread,if you need it re-opened PM an on-line Moderator.