CF Component Monitor and Thunderbird

I recently updated Thunderbird to version After the next reboot, my e-mail monitor PopTray 3.2 and my Thunderbird e-mail client both timed out whenever they tried to read mail from my ISP’s server. For the next four days I had only sporadic access to e-mail: typically, I could send a test message and clear things up, although this did not always work, and the problem always recurred after the next boot. Great nuisance! So great that I finally resuscitated my Outlook Express e-mail client and found that it also timed out in the same way.

I finally found that the problem is definitely connected with Comodo Firewall ( currently) and, in fact, that I could eliminate the problem by simply reverting the Components Monitor from ON to LEARN.
I suppose that the Thunderbird update mangled some library or other and the mode change circumvented this. In any event, I am working again, although I would prefer to have Component Monitoring ON.


Sometimes when an application such as Firefox or Thunderbird updates, it confuses the firewall, all you need to do is delete all the entries in the application monitor and that should fix the issue.

No, Justin, I don’t think that was the issue at all: that was really why I tried Outlook Express. I do not see how an update of Thunderbird would cause Outlook Express to be unable to receive mail, to say nothing of the interference that PopTray encountered.

Perhaps I should add that one thing CF needs is an editor for the Components Monitor that would verify the current existence of its entries and remove them if they were “stale”. Manual editing is exceedingly tedious!


Given that Comodo’s attention will understandably be focused on the current firewall beta release, I think would be a good idea if you raised a support ticket on this issue with Comodo Support to ensure it doesn’t get overlooked.