CF+CMF prevent normal start of OpenOffice 2.4 (v3.0.24 x32)

Overview: CF v3.0.24 + CMF v2.0.4.20 conflict prevents normal start of OpenOffice v2.4.0 rus.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. download and install OO v2.4.0 (only Writer);
  2. install CMF;
  3. set CF to its defaults and launch OpenOffice Writer;

Actual Results:
OpenOffice Writer doesn’t start, CPU usage goes to 100% (see screenshot), until stclient_wrapper.exe terminated.

Builds & Platform: CF 3.0.24, CMF, OpenOffice v2.4.0 rus, Windows XP Home SP3 x32 (fully patched).

Additional Information:
2 ways to solve problem - either add stclient_wrapper.exe to CMF exclusion list or rip out guard32.dll from CF installation (disabling firewall and D+ gives no result).

Edit (thank goes to Dennis2 for pointing out CMF related discussion).

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There is a thread in CMF board reguarding this link below.
Copy of post which seems to fix problem

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Re: Problems with CMF and Open Office 

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I had this problem with Open Office 2.4. It would not start up and had very high CPU. Solved it by adding stclient_wrapper.exe to the exclusion list for CMF. I had a similar problem with a Python application.
I am running CMF 2.0.4 and CPF 3.0.24 and NOD32 V3 on Vista 32bit.

Thanks Dennis :-TU
Adding stclient_wrapper.exe to CMF’s exclusion list resolves issue!

But i have doubts as it is only CMF related issue. It seems it is due to conflict between CF and CMF. Anyway, will edit my previous message here.

IIRC issue is still in v3.0.25.
Anyway, as workaround found thread will be closed.

Sorry, it will be re-opened as long the bug is present so others can provide useful info.


Still same bug.
stclient_wrapper.exe and java.exe and another which I can’t recall atm.
Latest versions of Oo and java

Excluding from CMF works, but shouldn’t this be fixed rather than worked round for security particularly as it seems to be some problem between D+ and CMF.

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